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Sherri Battazzo

Meet Sherri Battazzo, aka ‘Sherri B’, agent, founder, and Broker of The Buy-Boise Real Estate Group, LLC. When she’s not pedaling swiftly on her bike to meet clients at their dream house, Sherri serves as the crank that keeps the gears shifting at this boutique Boise brokerage. As a Boise native, her intimate knowledge of the Boise area, its people, its past, present, and future, Sherri is able to quickly and accurately find the home that fits her clients like a broken-in bike shoe. Sherri’s twelve years of experience in real estate, combined with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marketing from Boise State University, helps keep The Buy-Boise Real Estate Group, and the clients they serve, on the leading edge of marketing techniques and tactics, style, and design. Sherri places a high priority on relationships with her clients and vests herself heavily in meeting their needs.

Shana Moore

Shana is known for keeping her thumb on the pulse of the market; this early-rising Realtor makes her way daily to as many new listings as time will permit so that she can maintain firsthand knowledge of the area inventory in order to best match her clients with the newest available listing. Always armed with market statistics, area absorption rates, and percentage-change in pricing by month, clients and Realtors alike know they can rely on Shana for their one-stop shop for everything Real Estate, as she leaves no statistical stone unturned.

Buyers & Sellers

The Buy-Boise Real Estate Group is a locally owned and operated, client-focused and service-oriented boutique brokerage of agents who passionately put a twist on the traditional style of buying and selling real estate. Buy-Boise is a full service listing agency with an emphasis on effective marketing techniques and promotion of property, and we pride ourselves on our ability to match the just-right buyer with the just-right property. Buy-Boise uses a professional stager and photographer to put the market-ready touches on your home prior to bringing it to market; you’ll see your home like you’ve never seen it before!

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Sherri Battazzo

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Shana Moore